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Automotive, Motorcycle, Commercial, IndustrialMarine, Structural, Architectural, Restoration 

Basic Price List

Our basic price shows pricing for popular items.


For a more accurate price quote it is reccomended that you either call or email with the specifics of your items.


We offer other services apart from powder coating such as: ceramic coating, bearing removal, sandblasting services, etc. 


We are capable of coating more than what is listed. Please contact us with your project ideas and requirements, and we'll discuss whether it can be done.


Please note that "large format" parts (depending on individual parts), will incur additional fees above what is listed below.


All base pricing includes: stripping, surface prep, minor cosmetic repair, one coat of color and one clear.  Fluorescents, candies, and specialty colors incur an additional charge.


All prices do not include Connecticut sales tax.

All Wheels Up To 19x8" $125 each
Wheels 20x8" $150 each
Wheels Wider Than 8"  $10 per Inch
Wheels Larger Than 20" 


Charge For Optional Primer

$15 per wheel

Custom masks and multi-color wheels available by quote.

Prices for Aluminum and Steel wheels are generally the same.

Brake Calipers
OEM Standard Size

$60 each

OEM Large Size

$75 each

Brake Mounting Bracket

$15 each

Big Brake Kits $100 and up 
Custom logo available by quote
Valve Covers
4 & 6 Cylinder

$100 and up

8 Cylinder  $150 and up per pair
Masking, polishing, two-tone available by quote
Motorcycle Frame Large $300 and up
Motorcycle Frame Small $250 and up
Quad Frame Large $300 and up
Quad Frame Small $250 and up
Swing Arms $50 and up
Most Motorcycle Wheels $125 each
Turbo Cold Side $60 and up
Strut Bar ends $40 and up
Strut Bar $60 and up
Sway Bar $40 and up
Intake Manifold $85 and up
Coil Spring $30 and up
Cold Air Intake Pipe $50 and up

We can coat anything metal, and do far more than what is listed above.  Please call to discuss your particular project needs.


Price quotes are good for 30 days.


Minimum Charge To Start Oven $25

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