Automotive, Motorcycle, Military, Commercial, Industrial Marine, Structural, Architectural, Restoration Cage Code: 9MEY9 UEI #:KAKBUD2D5P85
Automotive, Motorcycle, Military, Commercial, IndustrialMarine, Structural, Architectural, RestorationCage Code: 9MEY9UEI #:KAKBUD2D5P85 

Welcome to ZZ Powder Coating LLC

We are a full service production powder coating shop specializing in:

  • Capable of meeting all MIL-SPEC Federal standards for government and military work.
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Marine
  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Off-road, and
  • Restoration applications.
  • Anything metal can be powder coated and we welcome all metal restoration jobs!


Currently our hours are appointment only.  Pick up and drop off times SHOULD be scheduled between12:00p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Please call before coming.


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Our Business

We pride ourselves on providing the best powder coating in the industry with fair prices and quick turn around.


We are set up to handle jobs of all sizes and shapes. There is no job too small for us to handle.

Don't settle for second-rate powder coating or low-quality paint substitutes.


Powder coating provides you with a durable finish that is designed to last a lifetime and retain luster.  Powder coating is the perfect solution to finish your project, product or job. 


Powder coating can be used for a wide array of metallic and certain non-metallic surfaces. 


Powder coating is an eco-friendly alternative to liquid paint and high VOC chemical paint solutions.


ZZ Powder Coating is a high-end custom powder and ceramic coating service.


We specialize in Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, ATV well as industrial batch orders!


With over 6500 different powder coating colors, we can find a color and finish to realize your project vision!


We Are Proud to Offer The Following Services! (please inquire about services not listed here we do a large variety of projects) 


And remember: "If it's metal...we can coat it!"

-In-house media blasting

-Wheel repair and restoration 

-Two and multi-tone coating 


-Custom logos and lettering 

-Ceramic coating for high-temperature applications 


And many, many more!  

We pride ourselves in the fact that no job is too small for us here at ZZ Powder Coating! Only have one small part? No problem!  We can handle all types of jobs ranging from one piece to industrial batch orders.

We love working with local people to make their dreams and ideas become a reality!  Whether you are building a show car/bike, race car, restoring an heirloom piece to original glory, or just want to give your part that personal touch! 


You will receive our standard top quality finish, attention to detail and customer service.

At ZZ Powder Coating we use the highest quality equipment and powder to ensure the best quality, eye-catching finish that will leave your acquaintances envious. Our newest addition is arguably one of the best powder coating spray systems available currently (ITW GEMA Optiflex 2)


We love working with interesting, new, and possibly challenging projects.  We have a team of people with vast experience not only in powder coating, but also industrial manufacturing, production, and machinery / machining.  If you're not sure whether your project can be done, give us a call!  We'd love to talk to you about it.


We stop at nothing to give our customers the best service and finish they deserve! 

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