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Automotive, Motorcycle, Military, Commercial, IndustrialMarine, Structural, Architectural, RestorationCage Code: 9MEY9UEI #:KAKBUD2D5P85 

ZZ Powder Coating Warranty

ZZ powder coating's warranty does not apply to damage or failure of the powder coat resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, or accident. We do not cover any damage resulting from the improper installation or mounting of tires.


ZZ powder coating's responsibility under this warranty is to renew the powder coating on any item where powder coating failure was our responsibility.  We agree to recoat any affected part free of charge within a reasonable period of time as determined by ZZ powder coating. We will not refund the purchase price but will gladly repair the part free of charge.


The warranty does not cover labor or materials needed for removal or installation of the part.  In addition, the warranty does not cover in-house labor or materials for removal of items such as, but not inclusive of: gaskets, bolts, clamps, bearings, dismount and remount of rims, etc.  The warranty also does not cover burning or overtemp of the part.


ZZ powder coating does not warranty any powder applied over chrome plating.


ZZ powder coating does not cover any powder failure due to modification of the part after customer pick up.


ZZ Powder Coating has no responsibility for parts damaged by nicks, cuts, scratches or any other normal wear and tear on the item in use.  Powder coating is generally a more durable finish than paint application, but there are normal care requirements for the coating. 


ZZ Powder Coating does not warranty wheel rim coatings when being used with "stretched" tires.


ZZ Powder Coating does not warranty any coatings where the customer has done their own repairs, work, or prep.

We do not accept responsibility when customers choose their own colors from online sources.  Online color and "in-person" color generally differ, and therefore ZZ Powder Coating recommends that you see colors in-person for match and applicability.


We recommend that our customers bring a physical sample of the color they would like to match, and we will gladly work with you to find either the exact match, or a very similar match.


We will work with you to change the color but it does not fall under our warranty and thus is subject to addition charges.  

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